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Can I Claim the Good and Services Tax (GST) on Jewellery when Leaving Australia?

So you’ve recently been engaged, or just about to be, and planning that big overseas holiday? Fiji? Hawaii? Europe perhaps? Well it’s not uncommon to think about the potentially huge GST returns that are eligible to travellers leaving the country. It’s a very common question on the minds of young starry eyed couples, and of course it should be. A 10 percent saving on a large purchase such as an engagement ring could very often be $1,500+. So it’s no surprise it’s something that is frequently asked. So are Australians who are travelling overseas for a holiday eligible for the Tourist Refund Scheme? In short, no. The Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) is designed for visitors to Australia to be able...

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World's Second-Largest Diamond Discovered in Botswana

A rough diamond of  1,111 carat has been recently discovered at the Karowe mine in Botswana, currently being operated by Lucara Diamond  Corp. That’s roughly the size of a tennis ball to give you a realistic guide. To put that in perspective, the largest diamond ever found was the Cullinan at a mine in South Africa. Weighing in at 3,106ct this gem was then cut up into 9 major parts. The largest of this being mounted in  the Sceptre of the Cross in the British crown jewels. While this newly discovered may be quite substantially smaller, this is still an incredible find, making this the largest diamond found in over a century. Lucara Diamond Corp have announced that this diamond...

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White Gold Vs Platinum – What’s the Difference?

This is probably one of the most common questions I receive from customers, there seems to be too much conflicting information out there! Well allow me to put it to rest; White Gold – Now while some may think that white gold is pulled from the ground like that, its not. It’s a mixture of pure gold(think gold bars!) and a very white metal such a palladium or iridium. The colour created is not pure white, so the piece is then Rhodium Plated, this will eventually wear off which is why lots of white gold rings look a different colour at the bottom. Recommended for plain wedding bands or any piece of jewellery where no diamond is being set. Platinum...

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How are Diamonds cut?

Being the ever so educated reader that you are (considering you’re smart enough to read my blog!), it would probably come as no surprise that diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. So how is a Diamond cut and shaped if it is in fact the hardest material? Well it comes down to two main properties. The first of that being Cleavage, this property which occurs in most gemstones is responsible for the first process of cutting a diamond. Although a diamond may be incredibly strong, they can be broken if enough force is placed in the right position. Think of it as the grain in wood, one sharp hit down the centre and the wood can split in...

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How are Pink Diamonds Formed?

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest colours of diamond available. Very few people will ever get the chance to hold a pink diamond let alone of one of exceptional size and colour.  The majority of pink diamonds are found in Western Australia’s Kimberly region, in particular the Argyle mine. Diamonds in this area were initially found as alluvial diamonds, meaning they were quite literally found in the riverbed and probably still are.  How the pink or red in a diamond is formed is actually not completely known. What is known however is that these particular diamonds are lacking a complete chemical structure and it is actually a flaw and combination of stress that creates the colour. Unlike other diamonds...

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