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How are Pink Diamonds Formed?

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest colours of diamond available. Very few people will ever get the chance to hold a pink diamond let alone of one of exceptional size and colour.  The majority of pink diamonds are found in Western Australia’s Kimberly region, in particular the Argyle mine. Diamonds in this area were initially found as alluvial diamonds, meaning they were quite literally found in the riverbed and probably still are.  How the pink or red in a diamond is formed is actually not completely known. What is known however is that these particular diamonds are lacking a complete chemical structure and it is actually a flaw and combination of stress that creates the colour. Unlike other diamonds...

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Martin Rapaport on Misleading Diamond Grading Reports

One of the diamond industry's leading figures, Martin Rapaport, has issued an industry wide statement calling for stricter standards amongst grading companies. Rapaport is host to the largest diamond trading platform. Specifically naming EGL for their misleading reports, he has called upon jewellers worldwide to reject suppliers who are selling diamonds that could potentially mislead consumers. While EGL are using nomenclature based upon GIA's very strict standards, they are certainly not nearly as tough with their grading and are very frequently over grading lower quality diamonds. This really drums up repeatedly what I always say, you must view the diamond first hand! If all you look at is a piece of paper, then essentially that is all you are buying....

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